Any pilot with a current medical can fly a one hour instructional flight (usually in the front seat) or train toward a jet warbird type rating. We have trained students from all over the world who have qualified to fly as PIC of these powerful aircraft.

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MIG 15/17

Type Rating
1000 hours total flying time
500 hours PIC

The Mig 15 is a piece of history. It took the world by surprise when it appeared during the Korean War. Faster than the F86, and with a higher service ceiling, the airplane was a wonder of 1946 Soviet technology. It is the third step in the Soviet training system. The aircraft is an example of early swept-wing design and exhibits many of the handling qualities that have since been designed out of newer jets. The transonic aircraft is limited to .94 mach, or about 620 mph. The fuel burn is about 300 gph – and the fun level is very high! Mig 15's were produced from 1946 to 1955. They were manufactured in Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland and China. More than 10,000 were produced, and some are still in service in third world air forces. At their height, there were 30 countries with the Mig 15 in their inventory. The Mig 15 is not an entry level jet and must be flown carefully. Type rating applicants must have straight wing or swept wing jet time.

Performance Specifications:

Power loading: 1.5lbs per pound of thrust
Loop entry speed: 380 knots
Rate of climb, sea level: 7,500 ft/min +8/-4 G
Maximum level flight speed: 580 knots
Cruise speed: 450 knots

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