Any pilot with a current medical can fly a one hour instructional flight (usually in the front seat) or train toward a jet warbird type rating. We have trained students from all over the world who have qualified to fly as PIC of these powerful aircraft.

If you are a novice pilot or on a budget, you can fly a 35 minute orientation flight in the backseat of any of our jet warbirds. Fly one or all of them!

Complete type rating training and FAA checkride – one location

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T-33 T-Bird
(Shooting Star/Silver Star)

Type Rating
1000 hours total flying time
500 hours PIC

The most classic Jet warbird ever! 400 knots and 5200 lbs of thrust! The aircraft has boosted ailerons, a quick roll rate and excellent aerobatic capabilities. At 15,000 lbs, the T-33 is our largest fighter. This beautiful aircraft is painted in Thunderbird colors and has a wonderful pressurization and air conditioning system.

The single seat version of this aircraft (the P-80) fought the single seat Mig 15 in the world's first jet to jet combat.

Performance Specifications:

Power loading: 2.5lbs per pound of thrust
Loop entry speed: 350 knots
Rate of climb, sea level: 6000 ft/min
Maximum level flight speed: 450 knots
Cruise speed: 350 knots