Sorry ... we don't have a Citabria
the T-34 is down for a new Airworthiness Directive ... so

The Jetwarbird Training Center is offering an introduction to Aerobatics at a special price.

2 hours in our Fouga Magister or L-29 for $3,300

This special priced offer is good until our T-34 is back on line.

Ground School ... 2 hours

Introduction to the Fouga Magister

Introduction to Aerobatics

2 flights at 1 hour each to follow.

We will cover

  1. Full Stall Series
  2. Aileron Rolls
  3. 2 Point Rolls
  4. Loops
  5. Immelmans
  6. Cuban 8's
  7. Cloverleaf
  8. Barrel Rolls

This course is also available in the L-39 at $5,000

Or in the T-33 at $5,300

Call us for more details...