Jetwarbird Training Center

Pre-Jet Piston Warbird Training

High-Performance, Complex Aircraft and Spin Endorsements,
BFR, and Aerobatic Training in our T-34.

If you want to transition to high-performance jets,
this piston aircraft will give you the best "basic training."

Our T-34
Our T-34 is equipped with full front and rear instruments for aerobatic instruction. Our chutes are packed, and we're ready to help you enter the exciting world of Warbird acrobatics. Although instruction is available on an hourly basis, we strongly recommend our standard aerobatic course.

Our course starts with Low G maneuvers and works its way up to more demanding G loading and skill levels. At the completion of the course, you will feel comfortable with the airplane in any attitude. You will be able to do the maneuvers and safely recover the airplane from all unusual attitudes, including spins.

The course consists of four hours of ground instruction and four hours of flying. Students learn basic acro and get a full check-out in the airplane. We can also provide a BFR and/or a high performance airplane endorsement.

The four hours of flying takes two days. We ask that you plan on spending two and a half days with us to leave some margin for weather and such. We will be happy to help you with motel reservations. (Santa Fe, NM is a wonderful town to visit between flights.)

Our standard 2-day course teaches:
Aileron rolls
Barrel rolls
Slow rolls
Cuban eights
Split S
Reverse Cuban Eights
Hesitation rolls
Performance specifications:
Power loading: 12 lbs/HP
Loop entry speed: 150 knots
Rate of Climb, sea level: 900 ft/min
Max level flight speed: 160 knots
Cruise speed: 145 knots
T-34 Pre-Jet piston trainer

Instructor Larry Salganic with the T-34

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