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It's been a few weeks since I was there, and I just wanted to write and let you guys know how pleased I was with the training there. You came very highly recommended, and my impression is that the high regard is fully justified. The training I felt was excellent in every respect, and the overall experience was quite enjoyable. - K. Reed, L-39 LOA
Full time personalized training. Wonderful patience and feel for instruction building trust between instructor, student and plane - P. Pelissier, Jet Transition
I want to thank you and Larry for spending so much time with me. The experience was even better than I had hoped for, and I will most definitely be returning. You guys are a class act. - J. Catanzariti, Jet Transition
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Larry and Dale: I want to thank you for a great learning experience and a great time in Santa Fe. the flight training and all around experience was more than I ever expected. I look forward to revisiting for recurrent training, and I would recommend highly, without reservations, the instruction I received. It was a bargain at any price. Thanks, M. Dacey, L-39 LOA
Going fast and flying jets! Learned a great deal about power curves, speeds, safety issues, and aircraft operations. - M. Schrenker, L-39 LOA
Learned some things that a simulator just can't reproduce - J. Jacobsen, Upset Training
Laid back style with knowledgeable instructors - S. Alsobrook, Upset Training